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E-commerce is primarily developed for one purpose alone apparently; bring more and more sales.

There is a lot going on behind this reality. The foremost element contributing to this goal is basically providing your customers with the best user experience possible.

6 Must have Features for Your Ecommerce Development Services In Canada

Does your website have the potential to make sales?

Following are the must-have features for your e-commerce development services in Canada platform that will help you drive sales better.

Responsive design

As more and more people like to make use of their smartphones to make purchases from a website, mobile-optimized websites have become more essential than ever. Make sure all navigation elements are optimized for mobile shoppers.

Promotion Announcements

Everyone likes to get something extra while they are shopping. Putting your promotional offers under the limelight by running a promo bar on top of your navigation encourages users to make purchases. These deals can be time-limited, daily deals, or free shipping on spending a certain amount of money.

Product Search Bar

Some customers visit your website and know exactly what they are looking to buy. Your website should be easing this out instead of making the user go through navigation. The product search bar makes it easy for these users to find what they want to buy quickly in the world of Magento development services in Canada.

Support live chat

Customers do not want to wait hours waiting to speak to your representative or even for your email responses. They need to be responded right away. In fact, now there are more than 30% of customers that expect your website to have integrated live chat. Almost 62% is the number when it comes to mobile users. Providing live chat service to your users helps in ensuring that their issues are responded to quickly.

Popular categories

Make the first impression as users reach your site’s homepage by the promotion of popular categories. This gives them an overview of what your websites are offering them and accordingly decide whether or not you have what they need.

Featured products

This section will put a limelight on what your offerings are right when the customers visit your e-commerce development services in Canada. This can comprise of best-selling products, exclusive offers, top saving products, eventually making the customers explore your website further and learn more.



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