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Growing store revenue is goal of every enterprises. Managers are looking for different and creative ways to reach their quarterly sales target. Ideas are always there, however, they all depend on something very special that’s rarely got eyeball catching.

Good copy writing

What mediums you, utilize to streamline message for your email,  what different techniques for video script and online product descriptions is used. Different and unique marketing strategy is key to success for any business. If your marketing strategy is different and out of proportion, then there are likely chances it will grab attention of target market  E-Commerce Development Services in Mauritius  . The product is all depend, how you carry out research.

Why does Facebook marketing matters?

The simple and short answer, usage and engagement stats are insane. We’re doing comparison of email with messenger. Because they’re most comparisons and common apps in terms of usage.

Messenger, on other hand, doesn’t have big numbers, if we compare with email addresses. On daily bases we send and receive emails.  The engagement rate of emails is pretty higher than messenger. Though growth is messenger is huge, but it’s not in most interesting development channel. What does matters is engagement in Magento Consulting Services in Mauritius  .

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The main elements of Facebook Messenger Marketing Messages

Before you start your Facebook marketing campaign, we want to outline couple of key issues that we want to outline which has potential to integrate with Magento Development Services in Mauritius

The first is with character limits.

I would, however, advise against going over the limit. FB Messenger is meant to be for short quick communication. Not a rambling retelling of War and Peace. Greeting messages are limited to 160 characters.


Ideally You have two methods to solicit responses from your consumers in Facebook Messenger. The first step is how you talk with your friends on Facebook platform and  allowing the user to simply respond by typing text to you.

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