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The assignment is to do business in all areas, not just e-commerce. However, with e-commerce development services in Poland, it is easy for companies to identify better about you, what you buy and customize the experience for you based on what information they have about you. Major sites such as Amazon and Walmart are moving forward a lot here because they have a lot of data and information about their customers in addition to the AI tools to personalize your experience.

B2B and B2C integration

B2B and B2C have been very different business models in the history. In many ways that are still valid today, yet we are beginning to see them converging more and more in the world of  Magento development services in Poland. A good example of this is how Amazon merged B2B business into the existing site, so you can now convert a personal account into a single business. Amazon can handle both on the same account, the B2b and b2c.

Single page apps merge into larger quantity

Speed is cornerstone. The front-end interface with React, Vue, or Angular was common to major technology companies that could provide the engineers. Magento E-commerce consulting in Poland has been lagging behind and most companies rely on things like Magento, Shopify, etc. which are platform-specific.


The speed and cost we save with AWS is crazy. We are to provide support, faster and dedicated to services at lower prices than competitors who do not provide AWS servers.

Learning machine and AI

I’ve been learning the AI machine and the word buzz for a while. However, it can be used in many amazing purposes such as fraud detection, fulfillment, reallocation of inventory, pricing, recommendations, and many other features related to e-commerce.

Custom Products

Let’s be honest, if you sell your non-unique brand products, you’ll have a hard time competing with Amazon. Customized products are a great way to be unique and offer something to no one else. Major companies such as Nike have emerged but smaller companies have begun to learn as well. You can also group or create custom groups so you can turn your regular products into more customized products with little effort.


It has been a long time since, and many companies have taken this year, such as Hello Fresh and Blue Apron. However, I still think there are a lot of creative ways to improve this or create new business models here.


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