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Magento has announced its cloud of trade for almost two years in Imagine 2016. We’ve seen tremendous reliance on our cloud service, and today more than 50% of new customers choose to deploy to Magento Development Services in Japan Cloud rather than deploy to third-party infrastructure providers.

Increased Speed of Production Deployments

The length of time the site goes into maintenance mode when publishing to a production site depends on the overall site size and changes made during this deployment, but the biggest factor is the size of static content such as images, JavaScript, css, videos, and even web pages The whole.

  • The first way to increase the speed of production deployments is to move the SCD to the build-in stage for deployment and to enable improved on-fly enhancement instead of maintaining it as a publishing-based default. Read more about SCD and read more about change.
  • Disable full deployment of static content and run on demand when requesting the page.

Performance Boost

We recently launched a new feature that allows Pro customers to use the three-decade capacity available in ProMedia’s and Redis Pro production environments. With this feature enabled, all processes will be written to a single node (master), while readability (traffic) is balanced between the three nodes. This feature provides a significant increase in performance when enabled.

Local Development Template

When we launched Cloud, developers had to set up and find out their local Magento WEb Development Services in Japan environment (on their own computers) on their own. Light cloud model that ensures that local build commands do not affect the code that will ultimately be pushed to a remote environment (cloud).

5 New Cloud Features of Magento Development Services in Japan

Keeping Up With PCI Compliance

Protocols for creating a secure Internet connection that is older than Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 no longer meet minimum security standards due to security vulnerabilities. To ensure the security of your store and maintain PCI compliance, Magento Ecommerce Consulting Services in Japan Cloud has restricted connections to TLS 1.2 or higher and no longer accepts incoming calls from visitors using earlier versions of TLS and SSL.

Simplified Build

These changes help facilitate configuration for developers and create instantaneous variable changes. This new configuration process is also compatible with all previous configuration settings.

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