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If you’re launching your first E-commerce venture or you’re already selling online products but you’re not getting attention what you’re looking for and you’re still figuring side of accounting things.

Registering your business

When you’re planning to register your business, there are certain choices you have to keep in mind before making move. The most important question is what type of business you want to register.


This choice is most popular new business owner. Ideally you have control over everything’s. You’re sole decision maker for everything in Magento Consulting Services in Uruguay  . The basic and first step is having proper license and permits from your state to run business.


LLC company is good choice because it can easily afford liability and protection for business owners. It imply your personal assets are legally safe and protect. It has over edge benefit over Sole Proprietorship.


A corporation is separate and different set of entity. If you talk about tax perspective, it is considered separate tax payer. They’re secure with legal protection and with  E-Commerce Development Services in Uruguay with good corporate tax rates.

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  • Migration to Magento
  • E-Commerce development Services
  • E-commerce Consulting


This structure of business slows entrepreneurs with two more or more to jointly hold ownership of business, whereas each partner is required to share same and equal amount of money. This structure of business is simplest way to create.

Differentiating personal and Business finances

Keeping  your personal and business expenses separate has huge benefits.. If you operate a corporation or an LLC, differentiating your personal expense will recover personal assets from any business debt and especially for partners of Magento Development Services in Uruguay where every money is at stake. Thus it makes it easy for you to quickly see different picture of business. Most importantly when and where your business is receiving money from.

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