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Internet users spend 80% of their time in messengers and social networks and messengers, so social commerce grow three times faster than e-commerce. It is impossible to neglect the influence of social networks. 39% of users already use social networks on their mobile devices for the online shopping process.

Companies that deal with online websites can guide their market through social analysis.

Digital wallet extension of Magento

Today’s buyer wants to use an easy way to pay their bills with just one click! Magento e-commerce development services in San Marino with digital wallet extension enhance and extend the user experience, which draws your customer to visit the store directly, which is much faster and more efficient.

Shopping and payment with mobile devices

people use mobile devices as a tool to find products and even services, today it is easier to stay in their place and hire services with the ease of technology … So for online business owners, this feature of the site Ecommerce Development Services in San Marino being an attraction

And the Digital Wallet Extension makes the merchant and the buyer feel free of payment concerns

Comfort, speed, simplicity Overall

32% of users attract mobile payments that are not only high speed to buy, but also more convenient for the buyer. With the exponential increase and modification in the merchants and technology manufacturers, they also want to adopt methods that invest less time and produce convenient and transparent summaries. Payment providers understand that the need of current users, whether they are a seller or a buyer, is speed and convenience in electronic commerce. Magento development services in San Marino strive to make services as user-friendly as possible.

Security and privacy

Customer safety Data is the priority of any company to run smoothly and grow. Users do not want to share their personal information. Your credit card details, Magento e-commerce Development services in San Marino help you maintain it. Now users want to receive personalized suggestions that are suitable for them according to their buying behavior, interests, and preferences.

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