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E-commerce has been proven to be a revolutionary medium when it comes to the shopping platforms. Consider the brick and mortar stores and how people shifted to e-commerce platforms for their shopping needs. However, the conversion rate for your e-commerce development services in Estonia is what decides the size of your revenue stream for your business.

Flaunt your Product Quality

First of all, you should be leaving a good impression. When it’s about e-commerce, your images deserve your business. Consumers would want to actually have the best shopping experience here, although you cannot touch the brick and mortar but still. For that, you need to have high-quality photography as they will want to see what they are actually buying.

When you upload these images, you also need to make sure that you are displaying your products from different angles. Also, include the feature to zoom in on these photos. The products should be able to speak for themselves in the world of Magento E-commerce Consulting in Estonia.

Here is How To Increase the Conversion Rate for Your Store with Ecommerce Development Services in Estonia

Show people who use your products

The video content is being used by around 87% of the online marketers, and more than half of them say that video drives the best return on investment. Capturing videos for your products gives consumers a sense of what they really have. They recognize someone they interact with and find your product in progress.

Redirect users who left their shopping cart

Last year, 77% of shoppers abandoned their virtual shopping carts. This is a conglomerate of fashion, utility shopping etc. it happens everywhere. They all leave.

It may be frustrating to see consumers come and go, but your team has a great opportunity to redirect these users with Magento development services in Estonia. The two main reasons users ignore their car are that they were browsing or looking for your products / services. Well now that they’ve done the research and were able to think about the idea of buying your products, they’re now great to follow.

Free Shipping

Although redirecting is a great way to push conversions, it can be a hassle, especially when you’re working hard on your website, videos and products altogether. So why do users leave? The answer is different than what you think. While search and browsing are among the main reasons, Statista states that the first reason shoppers abandon carts is because of the shipping charges.


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