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AI plays a smart role than any of latest technology and human mind. AI is touching so many facets of our daily lives and without even feeling, we believing on it much more and more enhancing with each of passing day.

Although, AI is a virtual assistants in your smartphones such as Smart home devices, Google Now and siri, Now AI is looking making old ways old quicker than we were expecting.

Understanding: Behavior of end users, barriers and emotions.

Analyzing:  The Data through AI programs.

Facilitating: Actionable solutions for clients to get their goals much more easily without any human interference.

Latest Applications of AI in Magento

Targeted Consumer Experience:

It is considered a pioneering implementation of artificial intelligence in Magento Development Services in Saudi Arabia shopping assistants that target the right users, with at the right time. A human being will search it almost impossible if asked to administer and provide personal suggestions to even a handful of clients based on their historical and behavioral data.

Although, driven by machine learning and cognitive computing, AI programs can rely on self-learning algorithms to interpret Bigdata from many of clients and build specific user experiences, ruling out any human error.

Visual Search:

An average buyer usually brings his cell phone for most of his day, and one of the most useful benefits of a cell phone in this era is its camera. Although, an economical smartphone take best photos that permits users to take photos anytime and anywhere. With AI, this capability is ready to be exploited for e-commerce and users will soon be capable to click on images and search for the same or similar products directly.

The Google assistant can now focus on the object or location in the picture with great precision and do not be surprised if you look similar capabilities in the e-commerce store for product finds

Context Based Search:

The most integral part of an Ecommerce Development Services in Saudi Arabia store is the product search functionality. The search bar is the first place that a customer searches when looking for a specific product, and although Magento has some impressive search extensions, it may not be anything compared to the effectiveness of searches with artificial intelligence.


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