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Shoppers can be transformed into paying customers to achieve a great challenge. Traders spend a lot of time and money attracting customers to their sites and directing them to products, and sometimes they do not buy.

Car clearance rates remained very high, with 79% for office shopping and up to 86% for mobile shopping, leaving over $ 4.6 trillion on the table each year for traders. Magento is about to abandon the shopping cart with its latest version of Magento Ecommerce Consulting Service in Austria, available today.

Deliver a Better Shopping Experience

The ultimate end component is reducing vehicle abandonment at the speed of the website. Fastest performing sites have proven higher conversion rates and more frequent purchases. Continue the latest version of Magento Ecommerce Development Servivces in Austria Improve your shopping experience. It offers faster image uploads, 36% faster response times for popular search results, and a host of quality improvements. More details are available in the release notes.

Offer Flexible Payment Terms

Customers to pay up to 30 days after delivery by invoice for a “pre-purchase experience” and quick mobile sign-up. Slice It increases the purchasing power of shoppers by allowing them to pay in installments at a low interest rate.

How to Create Better Shopping Experience with Magento Ecommerce Consulting Service in Austria?

Ensure Fast, Accurate Tax Calculations

Shoppers want to know exactly what they will pay – including taxes – from the vehicle directly. However, tax calculation can be difficult. Accurate sales tax calculations that take into account the latest prices, rules, product tax status, and customer exceptions. It can easily handle tax accounts when vouchers or promotional offers are also notes to creditors. In addition to accurate calculations, Vertex also helps simplify processes with tools to create PDF files ready to be signed and recorded in a timely manner.

Offer Competitive Shipping Options

Transparency and selection apply to shipping rates as well. With high-end online retailers putting high expectations for fast, low-cost or no-cost shipping, shoppers want competitive pricing options in their shopping cart. This is where Magento Development Services in Austria Shipping can help. Gives you easy access to many airlines and prices provide a range of shipping options that meet the time frames and delivery budgets of shoppers.

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