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Handling e-commerce operations is tough taskmaster. E-commerce shipping and orders are not easy to handle. Especially if you talk about starting your business.

Moreover, most retailers don’t understand that shipping costs are one of most tiresome issues. Most consumers don’t complete their shipping because of over burden cost of getting products.

Thus, learning basic and simple rule of Magento tools are not difficult in e-commerce business through Magento Development Services in Motenegro. Specifically if you talk about startups and small business.

Fulfillment methods
Strategy building is first step towards finding and understanding methods of fulfillment.

  • Self-fulfillment: This strategy is applied, when you deliver the products and goods by yourself. Most of start-ups use these methods in their processes.
  • 3PL (Third Party Logistics) This method is used when you want to outsource your services to third party vendor in terms of providing logistics and inventory orders.
  • Drop shipping: it is method where you actually don’t store your inventory onsite. Customers orders are delivered through warehouse or premises of manufacture. In this method you don’t need to purchase and store inventory in your warehouse

Packaging and labeling
online shopping has risen due to growth of e-commerce Development Services  in Montenegro and customers’ expectations high end products. A good package doesn’t ensure products reach to end customer safely but it also ensures package is crafted beautifully.

Marketing and branding of package
package also support marketing and branding strategies. It’s upto brand how do they market themselves. In delivering the goods, you can include thank-you card or free samples of other products for purchasing and membership card or coupon for next purchase. You need to analyze your customer base to make the most of the Magento Ecommerce Consulting Service in Montenegro  online store.

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