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Choosing the best Magento extensions is not easy. The extensions you need for your Magento Development Services in Slovak Republic depend on the requirements of your store and your preferences. An extension that is vital for a Magento store may not be so important for another. Based on popularity and usability, we have compiled the following list of the 12 main Magento extensions.

Magento extensions that is useful for Magento Development Services in Slovak Republic

 Magento one step checkout:

Magento’s one-step payment process allows you to set up your extensive 6-page purchase in a compact and easy-to-use Magento page payment process.

The functionality is perfected thanks to the load function, which allows users an uncompromising speed and prevents page delays by loading fields without updating the entire page. In addition, the user-friendly design for mobile devices facilitates the payment process. While moving anywhere around the house, workplace or out of town.

 Magento store locator:

Easy to use and with the integration of google maps.  It automatically detects the customer’s current location and also provides directions to the destination of the store.

Questions about Magento products:

Questions about Magento products offer comprehensive features that include all the frequently asked questions related to general terms and offer a series of useful features that help the customer in the best selling merchant.

Prices based on Magento:

Ecommerce Development Services in Slovak Republic pricing module helps your store acquire the functionality of calculating the price of area-based products. The accuracy of the Magento price table applies to decimals and allows users to calculate the prices of smaller products.

Magento order attributes:

Magento order attributes allow you to add additional custom fields to the order/payment and registration pages. The integral functionality of this extension allows you to assign specific attributes to products and categories. This allows you to target customers who are buying the particular product.

Magento extensions that is useful for Magento Development Services in Slovak Republic

Dynamic prices of Magento:

With the dynamic prices of Magento, you can configure multiple functions to obtain customized pricing functionality for your store. You can set prices per unit of price, base price, prices based on the area with discounts and personalized entry fields for each product.

 Magento cost price:

Prices based on Magento costs allow you to set prices based on cost + marked in your Magento store. You can create multiple price tagging rules for different products and categories. With this extension, you will no longer have to worry about increasing or decreasing the price of your product catalog.

Magento abandoned cart email:

Magento’s abandoned cart email extension helps you recover pending customers by sending automatic reminder emails about your pending payment.

Notify your outstanding customers and offer them discounts when completing your order through a reminder by email. Magento Ecommerce Consulting Services in Slovak Republic abandoned email allows you to encourage customers with an abandoned cart to buy products and get discount coupons. Use the following features of the extension to customize your reminder email and make it attractive.

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