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In an E-commerce business How important is user experience? Yes, if your Ecommerce Website does not offer them the experience they seek! the most users get turned off with a website.

when designing or developing websites user experience has been ignored for long with business aspects  Your user should be offered comfort and ease of navigation with their desired product and movement within the website, should be given the accessibility they want for their online shopping , and there should be no complexity involved in the entire process  which makes them less interested in your product

When you are creating a store for your online business with Magento Development services in UK , keeping in mind the need to evolve user experience, extensions have been developed to give out user experience as part of your design. You can involve and engage these extensions which will help you to promote your business online. Here we are discussing it more attractive and useful extensions which are specifically designed to magnify user experience.

List View: Product Gallery

Customer needs to get a good feeling about the product before they buy it. But, what takes effect when is an online customer going to purchase online? For your online business to be run smooth and profitable you need to understand how the product appears from all sides, and also visitor can read the different reviews before they indulge in it. But, it seems how annoying if your potential customer who comes at your store with a mindset of purchase need to open separate pages or required to reload the image directory to view the product to get it in all the dimensions! Add list view for your E-commerce Website product gallery extension with Magento E-commerce Services in UK , and give out a list view of your product with all dimensions, thus leaving a good shopping experience.

Quick Shop: Quick View

For a shopper of your e-commerce business, It is utmost to give out an amazing user experience to the visitors of your store, give your users a quick view of the product? when your online store developed with  Magento Development  Services in UK and you  Install the quick shop module extension. It gives your user complete descriptive information about the product at one glance. This will influence them to make the purchase immediately. Most of this your user does not need to spend a lot of time reading on the product, and the second advantage is the user can make quick decisions when he visited the store with Extension quick view.

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