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The IBM Security GDPR Accelerator

Techlopes advance Magento E-Commerce Development Services in France is designed to help make it easier for to you implement and manage the processes necessary to help GDPR compliance incidents. It includes prebuilt usefulness to help discover your GDPR dangers and exposures and can provide a wealth of insight into personal information access by both regular and privileged users.

No need for new consent

The GDPR will begin to apply on 25 May 2018. You’ve recently reviewed your organization/association’s protection approach. You’ve checked that the consent within your association was gathered in writing and complied with every one of the requirements of the GDPR. In that case, you don’t need to ask your clients/customers for consent again in May 2018.


There seems to be a considerable measure of disarray about what the GDPR means for companies and whether their customer information and marketing activities are consistent. Techlopes Magento Development Services in France offering secure plat frame for online store.

What is GDPR

The current legislation, Data Protection Act 1998, was enacted before the internet and cloud technology created better approaches for exploiting information. For example companies like Facebook and Google swap access to people’s information for use of their services.

GDPR is designed to give businesses a simpler, clearer legal environment in which to operate, making information protection law identical all through the single market.

When will GDPR Apply?

The GDPR will apply in all EU member states from 25 May 2018. Because GDPR is a regulation, not a directive, the UK does not need to draw up new legislation – instead, it will apply consequently.

Key Benefits of GDPR-Enabled Techlopes Magento E-Commerce Development Services in France

  • The same information protection rules for customers and business.
  • The same information protection rules for all EU customers regardless of the area of the organization that offers products or services.
  • More transparency and control over the personal information for consumers. For example, the expressed consent is an unquestionable requirement for processing the personal information, a consumer has a privilege to access their personal information, transfer it to another organization or delete it by any stretch of the imagination. Moreover, a person gets the privilege to be informed about information breaches.

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