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A few years ago, it was virtually impossible for any e-commerce site to use anything other than Magento ecommerce consulting services in Poland to the needs of its own buying platform. Admittedly, the platform like Shopify was not to take advantage of what is considered a leading platform in e-commerce. Slowly but surely, these feelings began to change, and marketers and entrepreneurs began to look more and more at Shopify instead of Magento.

Here are some of the features that we took into consideration when deciding between Shopify and Magento web development services in Poland.

SEO facility

SEO is the key (read: king). In addition, more than 35% of consumers start their purchase through Google. No wonder the successful integration of SEO can turn a business into a business.

To be honest, the two systems allow you to enter page URLs, descriptive descriptions, page titles, independent links, etc., allowing your company to adapt your text to enhance attendance. From a page or site. Your search engine rankings. But Shopify only has Traffic Control, a handy application that lets you manage referrals so you do not lose traffic or rank SEO after the migration.

Of course, Magento being an open source, SEO option can be unlimited if you have the technical know-how. Otherwise, you may end up spending a lot of money to find someone who does it.


Perhaps the first price to consider (and for people who have money, maybe it is) and Shopify and Magento have their advantages and disadvantages.

Magento Community Edition is 100% free. Of course, if you want an enterprise edition, you will need to ask for prices from the company, which can be a problem and potentially very expensive (within $ 18,000).

Shopify has a few different price options for businesses.

  • $ 9 per month + 2.9% + 30 ¢ credit card fees
  • $ 29 per month + 2.9% + 30 ¢ credit card fees
  • $ 79 per month + 2.6% + 30 ¢ credit card fees
  • $ 299 / month + 2.4% + 30 ¢ credit card fee


For advanced users, Magento ecommerce developement services in Poland may be the simplest of the two to edit files because it will connect you directly to an FTP client. But for less experienced users, this may be confusing and possibly very difficult. There is a respectable thematic market, but unfortunately, many issues are not controlled by quality, so one use can be risky. Some are free but most Magento themes will cost between $ 50 and $ 300.


As a company, we are proud to always be available to our customers, and when we are looking for a platform, we wanted the same customer service available to us.


At this point, to simplify to the extreme, Shopify has no support and no Magento. To be fair, Magento has a community support forum that is fully dedicated to competent and useful developers.


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