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Magento is a challenging eCommerce platform to achieve technical goals for your business. It boasts a large number of achievements in which increasing in sales, user time and the process of the order of customers are included. If it gives benefits to your business then it will also have issues. The basic issues for Magento Web Development Services in Israel are to problems in SEO issues.

Technical Methods for Solving SEO Issues with Magento E-commerce Consulting Services in Israel

Issues in Magento:

Magento development is the slow platform in some cases and has issues in SEO. Here are some common fixes that can help you in fixing the issues.

  • Sufficient RAM for using a service and configure the server correctly.
  • Enable and disable Magento defaults in the back end.
  • Images and Assets using a compression service. This will not affect the quality and reduce the weight of assets

Configurable Products:

Magento E-commerce Consulting Services in Israel vendors want to use simple products. Because a lot of products can be configurable as a sweater will come in a lot of colors and a lot of users of Magento development will also create that sweater on the product listing. Solving the issues of duplication you need to use the tags and links to configurable products.

Title Tags of Products:

Magento tends and tiles is just the product name which both are unhelpful. A large number of eCommerce user have a lot of products and writing all title tags won’t be effective for them. Products that include are variable and their key products optimize their tags.

URLs of Products:

Magento Development Services in Israel have top-level product URLs, instead of including subcategory and category in URL itself. In this case, you maybe have duplication issues. This will help you in reducing indexation and allows the version of a product that can be used under different categories. If you are moving away from categories then it is to make sure that to update all links and it’s important for a writer to write down all rules to save themselves from these issues.

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