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Creating an online store with Magento web development services in Estonia is simply not enough to increase conversions and profitability. You still need to periodically improve them for many aspects to increase performance. One of the key areas that hinder site performance generally revolves around speed issues. However, they are not fully responsible.

Before proceeding with an optimization process, we strongly recommend that you thoroughly check for errors and errors on your digital channel. Market testing tools such as GTmetrix, WEBPAGETEST, Pingdom Website Speed Test, etc. are not available.

The Performance Checker analyzes your entire site and gives you an analysis. It usually covers navigation caching, image sizes, redirection problems, and so on. These tools help you provide a fast and reliable web experience for your customers.

How can Magento help improve web performance?

Magento development services in Estonia always stand out when looking for different ways or tools to customize to improve your web performance. Here are some key areas where Magento can help you improve your online store:

When you test speed or test web performance, images are the most common areas to deal with. So, knowing how to use images (shape, compression, size, etc.) correctly on your website can help you improve web performance.

The better mobility of the product

It is known that the customer is likely to leave your store online if you can not find the product / service required in the first 5 to 10 seconds. Therefore, better product navigation can help attract customers to your online store. You can access them by:

  • A search option that is easily discoverable
  • Product filter (color, size, etc.)
  • Search facets

Apart from these technologies, Magento comes with many plugins that you can use to improve product navigation. For example, the enhanced navigation layer comes with menus and filters designed to improve the experience. It is also fully optimized for different systems (mobile, tablet, etc.).

Manage the cache

Cache management is still one of the easiest ways to improve web performance. Custom Magento solutions let you use cache management tools to keep a complete record of your Web site’s cache. Magento Cache is unique in nature and offers an exclusive set of features to stay ahead of others.

Set the payment process

Payment in any digital sales channel plays a vital role in conversions. Customers still want to minimize their discomfort with the complex steps of online shopping. A large portion of buyers of Magento ecommerce consulting services in Estonia contains those who wish to be always comfortable. They are not interested in signing in, completing a full form, registering or any other status.



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