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For all those people who have no idea what are properties of E-commerce and what does it offers to entrepreneurs and buyers. What exactly E-commerce is, how to start an E-commerce business, if you’re interested to start with E-commerce venture or hunting for answer, “What is ecommerce?” then this is the article for you!we will dig in more detail

What is E-commerce ad how does it works?

E-commerce is short phrase of  “electronic commerce” which describes exchange of currency for goods or services online that is rendered online.  The complete process take place online.

E-commerce is canopy term that covers everything which includes buying and selling of product, more often it is written as “E Commerce,” “e-commerce,” or “eCommerce.” Any difference of the spelling is correct, and it’s ideal purpose to describe the act of running business of ecommerce development services in Bulgaria.

Different Models of E-commerce

The first question comes to your mind, “What is E-commerce?” and “why it is important for having E-commerce presence?” To make it much easier we have further breakdown to understand the concept of E-commerce businesses.

By default E-commerce business models can be categorize into three different categories

What sort of products are sold?

Who are sole buyer of product?

What is the medium of selling product?

What sort of Products are sold?

Every products has it’s own genre. E-commerce businesses can be through number of products it sells.

We have elaborated four main products category that any E-commerce business can sell and there some  Magento web development services in Bulgaria.

Physical Products

Online Products

Service Rendered

Affiliate marketing

Which are end product user?

E-commerce business can be differentiated on terms of buyers, the end-consumer of products. It is common perception all people buyer of products. This can’t be the case sometimes consumers are outside of domain market.

Main Categories of  E-commerce businesses sell their products to following consumers.

B2B: This means Business to Business. Corporate sector sells physical or digital products to Corporate sector and magento ecommerce consulting services in Bulgaria.  This may indulge manufacturer of products or suppliers that provide materials to other business

B2C: This stands for Business-to-Consumer. Ecommerce businesses that sell product of digital item to consumers markets fall under B2C category.

B2G: Business transaction is taken place between Enterprises and Government. In this category concern party provides services to Government entity on governments terms and condition

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