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When it comes to choosing a platform for an online e-commerce store, there are many options available. Which one would you go for? Which one will suit your business? So, the e-commerce development services in Portugal is what allows you to achieve the goal of selling products and services online. It is your shopping store in the World Wide Web, almost like a real store in the physical world.

Platform options

Once you’ve listed your requirements, the next step is to look for the available options. Let’s take a see what different solutions should you consider:

The online market

If you have very few products that you can sell, but you do possess an online e-commerce, this is the right way to go for you in Magento development services in Portugal. These online markets let you include your products on their site. Examples are Amazon, eBay. Advantages include low cost of setup, access to the large base of customers, and low complexity. Defects include high fees or commissions on sales, brand shortages and scalability.

Cloud-hosted e-commerce platforms

These solutions are suitable for small and medium businesses with the limited product line.

These platforms allow you to develop your e-commerce store on the cloud-based framework. Magento e-commerce consulting provides you with the program and domain and hosting your store. Takes only minutes and you can build an online e-commerce store with a little to no technical skills. They offer hundreds and thousands of themes and plugins. It adheres to almost all the security requirements. However, you can not access the source code. Thus, scalability, customization and flexibility and can be a problem in these platforms.

Self-hosted e-commerce platforms

These solutions are good for companies that have many products in the different product categories. this platform will be perfect if you have a budget and expertise for this.

Self-hosted platforms are open-source programs that are customized as needed. You are free to host it with any hosting provider upon your choice. Because they are open source, they offer great flexibility and customization. They can also integrate with existing background systems such as CRM or ERP. The second aspect is that it requires an initial investment, time and a good level of expertise to take full advantage of the program features.


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