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The time has come to stop postponing your GDP plans and starting to think seriously about ensuring that your business meets the deadline for May 25. Not sure where to start? Let’s help you follow the right approach to start complying with the GDPR e-commerce.

Why GDPR is Important?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was first introduced in 2012, before it is adopted by the European Parliament in 2016. This led to the start of a two-year countdown for enterprises to comply with new regulations on how to compile, store and use business activities for personal data.

For retailers and marketers, this greatly affects existing Ecommerce Development Services in Iceland processes, associated with the use of consumer data to search, redirect and resubmit marketing content.

New Rights of individual when GDPR is triggered

Personal data is classified as any information identifying an individual, such as name, location, and other data identifiers via the Internet. Sensitive personal data Magento Ecommerce Consulting Service in Iceland are more precise and specific, such as social, physiological, cultural identifiers – and even mental health information.

Why Magento users need to know about GDPR in Ecommerce Development Services in Iceland?

Here are the basic criteria for collecting and processing data to be aware of:

  • The express consent of individuals
  • Cancellation of Universal Approval, Approval by default and approval as a condition of sale, service or general terms and conditions
  • Ability of individuals to withdraw approval easily

The following list describes the rights of individuals under the new GDP rules:

1) The right to be aware

2) Access

3) Right to correct

4) The right to healing

5) The right to restrict treatment

6) The right to data portability

7) Right to Objection

8) Rights in relation to automated decision-making and development of profiles.

New Processes should I implement to ensure my brand is compliant

In cases where the current process does not reflect the new GDP rules, you need to mark this place to make a change. Once all of these things are determined Magento Development Services in Iceland, you need to determine how they can be resolved and then decide what the most effective approach is to make them compatible.

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