Magento e-commerce development services in UK

Techlopes provide best Magento Ecommerce Development Services in UK. Its managed services team and the Magento portal offer a personalized and rapid scaling process that allows users to instantly escalate a case of support to our successful management team. This combined effort has allowed us to obtain a 98% “Excellent” rating (5/5) so far from our support customers. In addition, to limit those problems as much as possible, Appnovation provides continuous and proactive maintenance.


Why Magento for your Ecommerce Venture?


  • As an open source platform, the development of Magento has a free cost.
  • Magento provides great flexibility by integrating well with third-party modules and systems.
  • There are all the built-in SEO features that you require that your site be user friendly for SEO.
  • You can customize Magento anytime you want, which allows you to satisfy the personalized requirements of an e-commerce store.
  • E-commerce hosting can be chosen at your own will.
  • By using a single Magento back-end system, you can run multiple stores in parallel.
  • Importing products to your Magento site is extremely easy, without doing things manually.





Services we offer

  • We already helped many clients regarding the design and development of the online Magento store, by building stores that range from the simplest to the most complex.
  • We are serving many clients to start over by providing services of the development of an e-commerce store and help in making a transition from Magento.
  •  Our customized Magento theme, creating themes adapted specifically taking into account the diverse needs of the companies.
  • Customize your Magento design anytime you want, which allows you to satisfy the personalized requirements of an e-commerce store.
  • We are involved in the development of custom Magento extensions to help you create a range of different extensions that support your store.
  • We will help you update Magento to the latest one with a step-by-step approach to avoid anomalies.
  • After building your Magento site, we offer 24/7 support .

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